My Watch Story – Luxury Rolex Replica Watches For Sale

Welcome to another installment of “My Watch Story,” a video series starring readers and their most prized replica watches. The submissions continue to stream in, and we couldn’t be happier to share them with the watch community. Today, we have five new stories submitted by Giannos Santamouris, Lucy Kapetanovic, Hamad Alhijji, Robert Day, and Dre Bucci.
Lucy Kapetanovic And Her 36 mm replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual

When Lucy, who hails from Lincolnshire, England, was given a choice of watches for an early 30th birthday gift, she opted for this blue-dial Oyster Perpetual 36. While she’s typically a vintage enthusiast, she decided that getting a new watch meant she could be the one to age it, and then eventually pass it down as a vintage piece to her children.
Dre Bucci And His black dial copy Rolex GMT-Master II

Dre is a barber and hairstylist in Ontario, Canada. His interest in watches developed at a young age, via the watch ads he’d see while flipping through National Geographic. In 2019, he turned 30, got married, and got this Jubilee steel bracelet fake Rolex GMT-Master II. He says it feels like a part of him now, and that it gives him a sense of happiness and hope when he looks down at it.